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It's no secret...

The fastest path to earning six-figures is tech sales

Companies are constantly on the lookout for top candidates, eager to secure the best talent to drive innovation and maintain their competitive edge.

But, as the tech industry continues to thrive, competition for coveted positions has become more fierce than ever.

We're here to help you

break into tech. no experience necessary.

Forget traditional education - your unique background is an asset as hiring tech companies embrace diverse perspectives and experiences.

Whether you're exploring alternatives to the traditional college career path or an individual looking for a different career challenge later in life, our program is tailored to help you break into the tech sales industry and reach your professional goals.

Our comprehensive trainings, community of mentors, and strong industry connections are designed to propel you to the forefront of the competitive tech sales landscape.

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Why choose a tech career?

Unleash Your Potential and Reap the Benefits

High Compensation

Tech sales is consistently recognized as one of the top-paying entry-level positions, with lucrative salaries, bonuses, and commission structures.

Work from Anywhere

One of the most appealing aspects of a career in tech sales is the ability to work from anywhere, with many companies embracing remote work and flexible schedules.

Growth Trajectory

Whether you aspire to pursue a career in leadership, product management, or entrepreneurship, a position in tech sales can open doors to limitless possibilities.
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You don't need to be qualified, you just need to be hungry. Here's how the SaaSBros Community helps you

Break into tech and rise to the top

Start with Our Community-Centered Approach

Thriving in tech sales requires more than just individual talent or expertise; it demands a strong and supportive community that fosters growth, learning, and collaboration.

At SaaSBros, our community-centered approach places a premium on creating an environment where aspiring tech sales professionals can connect, learn from one another, and collaborate to achieve mutual success.

Backed by industry-leading mentors, our community provides unparalleled support and guidance, empowering you to break into and flourish in the competitive tech sales landscape.

Lay Your Foundation with our Break Into Tech Course

The Break Into Tech foundational course is the ultimate resource for aspiring tech sales professionals, providing you with a comprehensive roadmap to landing a job in the industry.

This in-depth course covers everything from developing a backdoor mindset that values relationships over resumes to making the most of your first 90 days on the job.

Complete with video modules and a workbook to help you along the way, this resource equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to break into tech sales with confidence and achieve lasting success.

Gain Mastery Over Core Sales Competencies with Ongoing Trainings

No sales experience? No problem. Our core competency trainings are designed to take you further than just landing the job.

Our comprehensive program covers critical skills such as prospecting, cold calling, cold emailing, social selling, personal brand building, and more, giving you the tools and techniques needed to excel in the industry and join the ranks of elite sales professionals.

Led by Erik and Darren and supplemented by a range of industry professionals, these practical trainings help you master the skills you need to achieve lasting success in your tech sales career.

Get Industry Recognition with the Certified Hungry Badge

We’ve put in hundreds of hours of work making connections,building relationships, and placing talent with companies to establish rock-solid trust in the SaaSBros brand.

The Certified Hungry Badge encapsulates everything that sets our candidates appart from everyone else. It shows that you have the backing of the SaaSBros brand and community, giving you a massive leg up on the competion.

Not everyone who pays to join the community gets the Certified Hungry Badge. This LinkedIn badge is only rewarded to candidates after completing the SaaSBros curriculum and demonstrating knowledge of the core competencies needed to flourish in a tech sales role.

SaaSBros success stories

Don't just take our word for it.

Chris Herring

Whether you’re a new college grad or transitioning careers with years of experience - what these guys outline is the best resource you’ll find on the internet for all things SDR.

Tyler Surles

I finally made it into SaaS/tech sales! It was not easy and an exhausting process. Erik got to know me, to truly understand who I am and what I was trying to accomplish. SaaSBros gave me actionable steps to push through the process and land the job! I still consume and look forward to Erik and Darren’s content daily.

Pat Anderson

My story is probably a lot like y’all’s, didn’t have sales experience for an entry level sales role. So had to go about things in different way. I couldn’t speak more highly of Erik and Darren. Both great humans and sales leaders! Super glad I asked him for help.
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Our community-centered approach helps you go

from unqualified to the top of the leaderboard

Path to $100k

I wrote $100k on a napkin and circled it.

I was leaving nonprofit after a 12 year career (had reached my ceiling as an executive, making roughly $75k).

As I began networking in my local community, one thing became clear:

The lowest barrier of entry + the highest earning potential = tech sales.

But saying yes to an SDR (entry level) position wasn’t easy.

Not only was it a $15k+ pay cut, it was a massive step back in responsibility.

Psychologically, it’s difficult to go from leading a team of 50 FTEs to working alongside new grads making cold calls every day.

But I thought back to the napkin, and what it represented...

Freedom for my family.

15 months after taking that “step back” I reached my napkin goal of $100k.

12 months later I was clearing $200k as a Account Executive

Not only that, but I grew a ton:

  • I recovered the grit and tenacity that only rejection can produce.
  • I developed new skills that I can leverage for the rest of my career.
  • I met incredible leaders and built a true community of new friends.

Tech sales is stubborn.

We need more success stories of people breaking in from non-traditional paths.

That’s why we created the SaaSBros. Community.

To help outsiders (like us) go from “unqualified” to top of the leaderboard

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Stop putting it off!

It's time to thrive with the SaaSBros Community

Get Certified Hungry

Follow the Certified Hungry curriculum and get access to the most powerful certification when it comes to landing a job in tech sales. The Certified Hungry Badge is the mark of the elite, helping you rise above the crowd to get hired quickly.

Land a Job

From our comprehensive trainings and engaged community of peers and mentors, our evolved program gets you the tools and resources needed to secure your place as a top candidate in the tech sales industry.

Rise to the Top

Our commitment to your success doesn't stop once you land a job. Our ongoing trainings are designed to help you continue to grow and advance in your tech sales career, providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to rise to the top and excel in your role.
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We've got your back.

Meet the SaaSBros

We're Darren and Erik

We started with community and helping people for free. In January of 2022 we formalized the brand and built SaaSBros on the side, while working full time and carrying sales quotas.

Since then, we’ve helped place 30+ SDRs into amazing sales orgs - for free. Over 700 future SDRs have purchased our 6 Part Playbook and 2,500+ hungry sales pros have subscribed to our weekly newsletter.

Our goal in creating this Community is to help you go from "unqualified" to top of the leaderboard. Quickly.

The SaaSBros Community is the fastest, most robust resource to go from zero qualifications to a job in tech sales.

Who's this for?

The SaaSBros Community is perfect if you're:

Starting from scratch

Avoid wasting time and money on traditional education and certifications that don’t help you stand out from the pack.

The SaaSBros Community is the fastest, most robust resource to go from zero qualifications to a job in SaaS sales.

Transitioning from another job

Stepping out into tech sales after an existing career can be overwhelming, but once you do, the opportunities are endless.

The SaaSBros Community makes the transition as seamless as possible by quickly ramping you up with the knowledge you need to land a job and thrive in your new role.

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Ready to join the SaaSBros Community?

Here's what you're getting

The SaaSBros. Break into Tech course ($497 value)

60 minutes of actionable video content + “how to” modules:

  • CLARIFYING YOUR WHY: Your motivation when it starts to suck
  • DEVELOPING A BACKDOOR MINDSET: Valuing Relationships Over Resumes
  • NARROWING YOUR FOCUS: Identifying a Top 10 List
  • DEMONSTRATING YOUR VALUE: Prospecting Your Way Into an Opportunity
  • WINNING TIME: How to Make the Most of Your First 90 Days

A PDF workbook to help you stay engaged / accountable

The exact strategies we used to helped 800+ hungry individuals break into tech over the past 15 months

Core Competency Trainings ($997 value)

Each week, for the first 7 weeks, we will drop a specific training module focused on helping you understand the basics needed to succeed on any sales team.

  • Week 1: Prospecting
  • Week 2: Cold Calling 
  • Week 3: Cold Emailing
  • Week 4: Social Selling 
  • Week 5: Building a Personal Brand 
  • Week 6: Interviewing 
  • Week 7: Crushing Ramp 

Trainings will be 45 minutes

Unlock the Certifed Hungry Badge ($1,997 value)

After completing the Break into Tech course and Core Competency trainings, you can unlock the exclusive Certified Hungry Badge:

  • Gain access to our exclusive Certified Hungry Alumni space
  • Join invite only monthly AMAs hosted by Erik and Darren
  • Display the Certified Hungry badge of completion on your LinkedIn profile
  • Enter into an elite club (top 1%) of SDRs on the market

Community Mentorship ($497 value)

Remember how we mentioned not going on this journey alone? What you can’t get anywhere else is a highly curated Community of Mentors that have raised their hand to support you at every turn. It’s not just Erik and Darren.

  • It’s other SDRs
  • It’s SDR leaders 
  • It’s our Advisory Board 
  • Enter into an elite club (top 1%) of SDRs on the market

Our community is full of people who want to give back by helping you.

Even more...

In case that's not enough already to make it a no-brainer!

  • Access to Erik and Darren
  • Supplemental trainings from top creators and industry experts 
  • Limited edition merch
  • A chance to build something special that creates more room in tech sales for others like you

That's $3,988 Total Value

Join today starting at $59 to get access.

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Amelia Taylor

GAME. CHANGER. I can say that with absolute confidence as it’s helped me in MULTIPLE ways. No matter where you’re at in your career, this is a must-have, with wisdom and insights galore.